Friday, 25 January 2013

Scifi scene

I'm still adding bits to the scene when I can, the top light and new steps(see below) have been added. I would have like to have devoted more time to this than I have in the last few weeks, but  updating/tidying/rearranging my portfolio and work has taken up most of my time.
I've started to export the scene over to udk, I cant seem to get the right feel with toolbag, So I'm going to experiment a bit with both.

Update**** I've spent quite a large chunk of time trying to tweak my nvidia card to do the things my 2 year old ati card did straight out of the box, Adding dynamic lights bad aliasing are just two of the problems I'm having. Ah well here's a new image and video.
Update*** Texturing baking/editing

Update** Mainly texturing at this point.

Update* high res and uv mapping are done for the modular pieces.
I've started texturing , although I thought it would be quite easy, the cleaner something is the more I can see the flaws in the bake.

Here is a early wip shot rendered in maya of a sci fi scene I'm building,  I'm going for a clean clinical environment.

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